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nothing messy, hanging, nothing to hurtful

Wedgie_lover dares Everyone 

Test, are we working again??

goodyuk dares Everyone 

If you are man enough, try to take some darts to your stomach. If you love pain you will like it :-)

AbsOfSteel dares Izzy711 

Time for another sponsored dare! This time we'll have less vomiting (hopefully). Sponsored dare for this month is to scare a friend. The winner will be chosen based off creativity and hilarity. The dare is pretty straight forward, no need for a big set of rules except please don't scare anyone...

Troy dares Everyone  Dare Entries 18 entries

Put a padlock around your balls and dick, and play a game of nutball. The loser is the first person to give up. The loser has to continue playing, until they win. The winner can remove the padlock.

Johnlenz dares Everyone 

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