Braber01 dares Everyone to

Allow *.ogg and *.ogv Open Source Video Files

More about Allow *.ogg and *.ogv Open Source Video Files

Allow *.ogg and *.ogv Open Source Video Files

There's no Love on make a Dare for us Linux Users on here, We can't upload any videos NOT ALL OF US LOVE WINDOWS

tags: linux dares
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You could try a emulator for windows just for uploads. Or another partition on your HDD for uploading. You don't have to give up Linux. Or even better I have seen it done on youtube. Edit a vid and upload from your iphone/ipad or droid. That's if you can copy from a pc to the iphone / ipad or droids.

66 months ago

It's not the site it's the video player.. we can try to allow it in the future but would you be able to convert?

66 months ago

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