Darkchamber dares Everyone to

be a part of the century club

More about be a part of the century club

be a part of the century club

1)Get some beer
2)Get a shot glass
3)Take a shot of BEER for every minute on the minute for 100 minutes. NO PUKING!

Here's a link for more reference

Here's a link to a helpful counter

And if you wanna start off slow, go for power hour (same rules, just for 60 mins, not 100)

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74 months ago
by MarioGotSkillz
80 months ago
by Savage
75 months ago
by Darkchamber
77 months ago
by brother_peg
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:O must do this at the weekend lol

75 months ago

Yeah boi! First entry and all that jazz.

80 months ago

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