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Bicycle Jousting

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Bicycle Jousting
You and a friend hop on bikes, grab your pole and ride FULL SPEED AND JOUST! =]

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Yo iarethek1ng......me and you......bike jousting.....lets do it!
88 months ago
Haven't you heard that every time you throw a stone it disappears into the ether?
89 months ago
RockBunny's Avatar
fun fun
89 months ago
Gotta conserve the good throwing stones.
89 months ago
i was wondering notTroy, when on earth was there ever a shortage of stones, the village people said "okay we are running low on stones so if you could just kill two birds with only one stone we'd appreciate it, kay thanks"
89 months ago
LOL this would pair awesomely with this: http://www.makeadare.com/dare/start-medievel-fight-public

Could make a whole afternoon of it. Two birds with one stone.
89 months ago

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