Blister Stapling!

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Blister Stapling!

so you burnt your arm and didn't tell me about it!!! now u have some blisters on your arm...as payback for not TELLING ME!! you now have to take a staple to each of your blisters.....

Love ya! :)

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81 months ago
by Fallnangel7

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This is the same shit Sik does to me.
She get's mad when I don't tell her 'btw hun, I burnt myself, i haz the blisters', but if I do tell her then she flips out....you can't win with girls, sometimes.

Nice dare, though. Sounds like something she'd do.
Wait, I think she has!

81 months ago

I luv it!

81 months ago

my blisters are poped...(gross) but ill staple into each mark on my arm.....ass

81 months ago

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