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Bring MAD back to life by promoting it in any way!

More about Bring MAD back to life by promoting it in any way!

Bring MAD back to life by promoting it in any way!

Makeadare is slowly dying , nothings how it used to be.
it was once a fast moving website where people came to have fun and do outrageous stuff just for laughs and streetcred, now its all just the usual people doing dares , i mean yeah its fun but imagine what it could be.. remember that old website Br****r ? lets try and outdo the amount of people they had! Lets make this an epic website that almost everyone knows about!
So promote this website in anyway you can!
Lets get more people to join and have fun on here :)
I encourage everybody to do this dare :)

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68 months ago
by Shourin
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davisponch's Avatar

Good dare Shourin.
Im confused, what was the old website you are referring to "Br****r "?

68 months ago
randomguy28's Avatar

That is great advertising and it's free. When you sign up you get $75 of free google ads. Just chose a ton of random high-traffic keywords and if 10 people do it that's $750 of free advertising. Set the amount you want to pay per click to like 25 cents and that's 3000 people being directed to your site. And 10 is such a small number.

68 months ago

V3s coming soon isn't it? That should attract some decent attention

68 months ago

Kick ass megatron

68 months ago

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