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clean your feet

So this dare is for Conor (the long blonde haired douche bag) I want Chrisfa (the not long blonde haired douche bag) to take a raw onion and rub it all over your toes. Here's where Conor comes in.... You are to suck his toes for a full 45 seconds. I mean toe in mouth the whole tiem! If you gag or wretch in ANY way, you are to restart the clock and go again. Make sure they are well dirty feet as well. I dont want no early morning suckage xD Suck it easy mofucka!

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Savage's Avatar

Mother fucker. Competely forgot about this. I'll get on it:D.

88 months ago
Savage's Avatar

Piece of (quite disgusting) piss.

Damn you haven't seen his feet. This is rougher then you imagine.

99 months ago
Darkchamber's Avatar

Dude, I forgot about this shit too. Hahahaha this dare is awesome. *pats self on back*

88 months ago

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