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diaper dare

Full: Length 5 Weeks.
Get a safe or container or wardrobe with a combination lock and have a friend set a combination. Place all of your underwear inside it and after a set period of time, have them unlock it for you. For the remainder of a set period of time, you must only wear diapers as underwear and you cannot use the toilet to pee or poop. If your High School or college has a uniform, if there is a preference for a dress or skirt instead of shorts/pants you must choose it.

Under short skirt: 2 pair of Goodnights.
Under long skirt: 3 pairs of Goodnights.
Under shorts: 2 Normal diaper + 2 pair of Goodnights.

If you have a swimming class, you must choose between three choices:
1. wear a swim diaper and pee in it before or during swimming
2. just normal swimming outfit but pee in it in public/outside changing rooms before getting in pool (Make sure they are totally soaked) or
3. just normal swimming outfit, but put diaper on afterwards and don't change for 48 hours (Must poop at start).

During the set period you must do these things at least once:

1. Go to the beach (If possible)/ local swimming pool while only wearing diaper for bottoms.
2. Go to shops that sell diapers and ask to try on different pairs.
3. Deliberately flash 10 people (Make sure they see your diaper).

Outside of School/College you can only wear a miniskirt for bottoms as casual clothes.

Failure to do any of these things will result in having to wear double the amount of diapers listed for 5 days.

Please note that this can be done without having a swimming lesson. In this case double the amount of diaper you wear at a time and instead of going to a swim lesson invite a friend over, poop and pee in your diaper and ask them to change it. If they say no tell them to spank you for being a bad girl.

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Buy me some diaper

53 months ago
pkiuyter's Avatar

i did it it wasint bad i got my girl frend to chage it.when i showed peple my dipered but they told me to go to couling i just lughed.i tried diffrent pairs . it was fun speading poop,pee in pool

61 months ago

I like this... but I think five weeks is a bit much :/ i'd do 2 weeks at most

72 months ago

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