GuiltyAsCharged dares Everyone to

do your best impression.

More about do your best impression.

do your best impression.
...you do know what an impression is... right?

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106 months ago
by BFlazz
96 months ago
by Wizard
99 months ago
by BryanLobay
97 months ago
by carlisle
99 months ago
by goodyuk
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Ardeyal's Avatar

hah perfect, i have two videos with a total of 38 impressions,and i might even add some more for this one:3

96 months ago
chasshole's Avatar
alright i just didnt know cause the pic, haha.
107 months ago
GuiltyAsCharged's Avatar
Lol. Any kind.
107 months ago
chasshole's Avatar
any kind or of kermit the frog ?
107 months ago

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