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do some laundry.

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do some laundry.

Go into your local laundromat, while a few people are there doing their business and undress to your boxers (and your socks, if you're like me and hate getting your feet dirty).

Obviously, put your clothes in the wash, then dryer.
You're bound to get some looks, but act completely casual - like it's an everyday thing for you and you're just minding your own business.
Shit, even try asking someone if they can break a 5, but like everything is peachy keen.

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once my HD flip camera comes in the mail Im going to do this one first!

81 months ago

hmmm....man if i didnt have so many rolls id actually conciser doing this...lol

82 months ago

So what man, i'm getting big as fuck, and I still take my shirt off on cam, or in front of people I don't know.
Fuck the haters.

82 months ago

Actually, that could work to your advantage - more people might look and you just.....go on, minding your own business like it's nothing to you.

A big guy in his boxers, at the laundromat? Shit, i'd laugh my dick off.

82 months ago


82 months ago

hahaha thats awesome!!!

82 months ago

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