amryan20 dares Everyone to

Do the wedgie dice dare

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Do the wedgie dice dare

Go 2 this website and do this. http://wedgies.hyperboards.com/index.php?action=view_topic&topic_id=969
If u do this I'll do it for every person who does it just make sure u comment on this page and tell me what u got.

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dareman146's Avatar

i hat to do it twice and now my balls hurt

51 months ago
wedgieme247's Avatar

I did it agin and my butt hurts I got 1,6,3,1,6,4,5,2,6

52 months ago
Person123's Avatar

Ouch! I got erm... Sorta lucky 3,1,1,4,5,3,opt.,6,2

54 months ago
il333's Avatar

ouch painful

56 months ago
brandonfinch's Avatar

I cant do anymore dares like dice saddly

56 months ago
dirken's Avatar

i got 1,4,6,6,3,2,4,5,6

57 months ago
wedgieme247's Avatar

I got 1,5,4,1,6,4,5,5,6

52 months ago

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