Jay_Why dares Everyone to

Dont laugh while watching this.

More about Dont laugh while watching this.

Dont laugh while watching this.

Film yourself while watching this. Do NOT laugh or smile. Can you do it?


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75 months ago
by fun
74 months ago
by wanderingcricket
73 months ago
by Wizard
75 months ago
by Big_THanks
72 months ago
by cloudfightback
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I have to do this soon,it looks like a good start for me to do some videos again

75 months ago

I don't find anything funny about this. I think his great.

75 months ago

Finally someone who isn't so cruel he is a sick boy and people just take the piss

66 months ago

Blocked aswell by EMI... I'm starting to get pissed of! Should i just proxy my way around it?

75 months ago

yes you can try that. i dont know if it will work or not.

75 months ago

The video is blocked by EMI in my country. Is there another site/way to watch it?

75 months ago

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