MM_Is_The_Freak dares Everyone to

draw everyone!

Fallnangel7 couldn't handle this dare, but we think you can.

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draw everyone!

I dare you to draw an action scene depicting the top #20 (only cause I'm 15th) of MaD in an epic battle. Maybe you can pair us off in Mortal Kombat fights. Or we could be going against an army of orcs. Let your imagination guide you. I wouldn't expect you to be done in one day but I figured it'd give you something to do for a while! If you're not up to the task (I know it's a lot to ask) then I ask that you draw a pic of me! Again tho, something epic like holding bloody axes or something. :-D

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Why did you reject?

74 months ago


79 months ago

do it!

79 months ago

Give him the top 20 fool! haha

79 months ago

11. dragonangyle
12. Troy
13. SteffuSweet
14. ???
15. MM_Is_The_Freak
16. MarioGotSkillz
17. tatichampBG
18. JJ_Allin
19. goodyuk
20. lesmaster3000


79 months ago

#14 is Hetlot! :-P

79 months ago

...well first...i can only see the top 10.....um...yeah...we will see i guess...thats kind of a big one, lol

79 months ago

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