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Drink ipecac... plain and simple

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Drink ipecac... plain and simple
just drink ipecac and film the magic unfold. Don't forget to make a shout out.
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We tried to find some a month ago...and everywhere was on back order for over a year :( I think they're trying to change legislation on it or something. They say it is no longer good to take, as it raises heart rate, and all the anarexic kids taking it to lose weight didn't help either. The classic law of one person messing it up for everyone else. I figure, a few people gotta have old bottles sitting in a medicine cabinet somewhere. (Try posting a craigslist add) Might have to fork out 5/10 bucks for a bottle.....but meh, it's worth it :) Or.....you might be able to order it online or something.

83 months ago
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shit, i did this last year...
i consumed the spoonful of ipecac. now having passed the point of no return, i had a feeling of dread, of regret, wishing to backstep, to undo this decision. alas, the only way to get it out now? puking. so i calm down and forget about it – i DID buy it off of ebay, so it might not work.
15 minutes in, i’m salivating like crazy, my stomach is in hyperdrive, twisting and turning – it’s not a happy camper. about 20 minutes in, i have this strange sensation in the back of my throat, i run to the toilet, open the lid JUST IN TIME to violently fill the bowl with my taco salad dinner. absolutely no nausea, just a “that’s an interesting feeling, i should go to the toilet” then 3 seconds later
87 months ago
Any drug store
89 months ago
Where can you get ipecac from?
89 months ago

drug store, still waiting on you

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