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eat citrus and barbeque sauce

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eat citrus and barbeque sauce

take any citrus fruit, like a lemon or an orange, and dip it in your favorite brand of barbeque sauce. Enjoy and try not to throw up!

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83 months ago
by JohnnyRanks
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DAMM! this sounds nasty i will giv it a shot! lol..

83 months ago
SupBro858's Avatar

Brett its honestly not that bad, but i remember trying this while i was dipping everything in barbeque sauce with my friends one day and i later threw up. So i was seeing if this was just me or if it was for everybody. I did it with a tangerine so maybe its different?

83 months ago

on paper this doesn't sound to bad. is there some kid of chemical reaction I don't know about?

83 months ago

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