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eat a coffee ground sandwich.

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eat a coffee ground sandwich.
The majority of the population of the place we like to call "The World" drinks a cup of coffee every morning to get the day started, unless they are without hands... or British. The kind people at the "TMF" lab, have ingeniously offered an alternative to the morning routine. Instead of filling the coffee filter with precious ground coffee beans, why not slap them in between two pieces of bread? Make sandwich with 2 to 3 servings full of coffee grounds, and cream and sugar if needed, and microwave for 30 seconds. Looking forward to the entries!
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For the record, I have done this, or something like this. A friend of mine once dared me to eat coffee salsa. I mixed coffee grounds with salsa and microwaved it and ate it. It didn't taste good at all, but I also hate coffee in general. At any rate, Ill take you up on this dare. Expect results in less than a weeks time

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