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eat a white onion!

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eat a white onion!
simple go to your kitchen find a onion (white) then eat it!

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81 months ago
by i_love_titties321
82 months ago
by mocashake
80 months ago
by evank
84 months ago
by goodyuk

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soz I only had a red onion but I ate a lot and to make up I ate the skin too!
84 months ago
the bigger the onion Hotey the better!!!
90 months ago
good thinking troy as much white onion as u can but im telling u all now its hard and the stakes of u being ill the next day is very high lol!!
90 months ago
True dat!
90 months ago
Eat as much as you can, im sure the more you eat the more hypes you will get
90 months ago
what size are we talking here? in relative palm sizing....
90 months ago

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