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find your celebrity look-a-like !

More about find your celebrity look-a-like !

find your celebrity look-a-like !
Ever heard you look like a celeb? Prove it! Either a vid of you holding up a pic of who you look like or upload a split screen - ur pic next to the celeb's.

the only rule - you can not alter your pic to look like the celeb - it has to be you.

* if you don't have one feel free to use a friend that might look like a celeb :)

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100 months ago
by hotrod9354
98 months ago
by JamesChurch
102 months ago
by goodyuk
101 months ago
by russpalmer
100 months ago
by GreenBean
100 months ago
by Jerseygirl
98 months ago
by G_Man
104 months ago
by GuiltyAsCharged
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yap2's Avatar

I don't know who I look like.....back in the day when I still had my chubby baby fat and boy-style short hair, ppl used to say Kelly Osbourne all the time. Now I just get asian chicks on myheritage.com bc I have a round face...lolol

98 months ago
Moonfire's Avatar
to the people that have done this dare and only put up one pic - who are you supossed to look like? .. there's only one pic there.. at least in the description say who you look like lol - give everyone something to work with :)
103 months ago
treynolds100's Avatar
Find my look alike
103 months ago

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