calicab dares Everyone to

flaming hand prick-asso.

More about flaming hand prick-asso.

flaming hand prick-asso.

Stole this idea from Darkchamber, who stole it from Baboonskwad...

You'll be needing a marker, some paper, something flammable, a staple gun (regular staplers are for pussies), and a fast hand.

Light your hand on fire, and start drawing a penis...every time you gotta put the fire out, you gotta staple your hand.
I believe the record is 2 staples? 2 or 3...anyhow, who cares. Get to drawing.

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82 months ago
by sikangel
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No chance! Staplers hurt way more then staple guns, you have to physically whack it in, annnnnnnnnnnd they're like a tenth of the price. lol

82 months ago

ACTUALLY, Baboon came to me for help to dare DJ, thus this bad ass dare comming from THIS genuis mind! Better name tho. Can't deny that.

82 months ago

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