Shourin dares Everyone to

Fully clothed pool jump.

More about Fully clothed pool jump.

Fully clothed pool jump.

Jump into a public Swimming area fully clothed. Anywhere that is marked as a public swimming area and has People around.

Location ideas.

- Public Pool
- Public swim Pond
- Lake at a state park
- Pool at the YMCA
- Pool at your school
- Pool at a hotel
- Pool at your APT complex if there are plenty of people there.
- ETC..

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Nearly A year and a half and still nothing getting done. why is my video still converting?

52 months ago

12 months and my video is still converting???

My video is also on youtube as a UNLISTED VIDEO you can only view it from here!

53 months ago

My submission is not posted yet? Still says converting and it's been almost a full day!

Here is the vid on youtube.

65 months ago

dont have a pool have a pond tho il do it there

77 months ago

OMG the famous pond! *thinks about the seal with the ball* pmsl

76 months ago

hahaha good times

76 months ago

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