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Get a Donkey Kong kill screen

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Get a Donkey Kong kill screen
Pretty simple, get to the end of Donkey Kong on a classic arcade console and on the final level the game will glitch. You may also want to send your video to Twin Galaxies fro verification.
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No one has pulled it off because it's impossible to find a classic game and console. And if you do find 1 it might not even work. The only way is to get a emulator for the pc and hookup a usb controller NO KEYB then use fraps to record game play. Vid cameras are not really good at recording a tv screen anyway.

81 months ago

take a trip to fun spot sir

81 months ago

how has no one pulled this off? It's not that tough

83 months ago
yeah good luck with that billy mitchell isnt a member... yet
85 months ago
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