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get a little exercise

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get a little exercise

You will need a dice for this dare. Roll it for both categories.

Exercise motivation
1. apple sauce
2. jelly
3. syrup
4. peanut butter
5. mayonaise
6. icy hot

Whatever you got above you need to put on a plate or something similar. Since this is an exercise dare you can do push-ups.Roll for push-ups.

Push-ups amount
1. 10
2. 15
3. 25
4. 20
5. 30
6. 15

Take the motivation item on a plate and get in a push-up position.Boys put the plate under your balls, girls under your boobs. Do the rolled amount of push-ups. For example, if you roll jelly then you roll 10 push-ups and you are a boy then you do ten push-ups with jelly under your balls. You do this dare naked. The object is to come about half an inch away from the plate.

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Rolled 6 and then a 5 boy that was hard the icy hot burned

51 months ago

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