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get a painful wedgie (read on)

More about get a painful wedgie (read on)

get a painful wedgie (read on)

Only for boys and pain lovers. (If girls REALLY want to do this then replace kick balls with spank boobs)
First get naked apart from underware, get a STRONG mate and get him to give you a hanging wedgie on a strong hook or somthing. Then get them to kick you in the balls! When you've had enough pain get your friend to carry you by your wedgie to a flagpole and then hoist you high. Then get loads of your friends to come and take photos and put them on face book or youtube. From then on always put a wedgie me sign on the back of your shirt!
Give me proof you did it and I will show you a video showing me spanking my butt then wedging me! Don't you wanna see that?!

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