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get protection.

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get protection.

So....look in your phonebook and find a local security agency, or better yet some sort of bodyguard service.

Explain to them that you're being harassed by a 10 year old kid in your neighborhood - come up with some wild stories about how he's kicking over your yard gnomes, or ordering pizza to your house all the time...whatever you can come up with.

You gotta press the issue that you're an adult (i know some of us around here are), and you can't do anything about it....so you wanna know if they can send someone down to rough him up for you.

I've done this before, and I got hung up on several times before giving up...this isn't an option for you, you gotta keep calling back; cue the tears if you have to, tell them how you're desperate and NEED help.

Go on, do it.

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80 months ago
by Detox

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