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Give me armpit dares!

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Give me armpit dares!

yes. ARMPIT. be really creative, not many want pit dares, but I DO! im excited to se what i may do! one rule. i wont shave them and not fire! i thikn everything else is game! be creative woth these dares! GO!!

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Treble1234567890's Avatar

Run around and have all your sweat go into a bucket then from the sweat

53 months ago
aust800's Avatar

run around untill u and one of ur friends is drenched in ur own swet, the have someone tie your head under ur friends arm so ur nose and mouth are right in his armpit. he will be just acting normal wile u will be moving around smelling and tasting his nasty, sweaty armpit... then post a vid of u doin it on makes dare.com. oh and stay tied to his armpit for 1 hour

57 months ago
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