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give me the best self wedgie dare ever

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give me the best self wedgie dare ever

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Do a tighty whites hanging messy wedgie with itching powder and hot coffee for 5 mins and do the same with a elephant thong and bra and last one is a hanging messy wedgie in a bikini that is 3 sizes to small untill the both parts break. Eather post it on you tube and email me the link or email me the video at Utuvewatcher@gmail.com and send me all of ur wedgie videos :)

52 months ago
aust800's Avatar

Wereing ONLY WHITE BOXERBRIFES put toothpaste, and peanut butter in the front and do a hanging Melvin for 30 mins on a tree in a park. when 30 mins is up keep the engridience in the front, but now put 1 egg in your brifes (the back Side) and also jelly. then do a normal hanging wedgie from a tree but, whenever someone walks by, ask them to try to pull ur feet all the way to the ground.if your actually even a boy u would do this and show it on here.

56 months ago
jason123's Avatar

ok buy boxerbrifes a 10 pack the pour a hole bottle of hot sase down the back and wait till they rip all th wa off till u get down for the next pair

56 months ago

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