amryan20 dares Everyone to

Give me the best wedgie dares ever

More about Give me the best wedgie dares ever

Give me the best wedgie dares ever

Give me best wedgie dares(: and if u want I'll send u any type of dare

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hudson66's Avatar

do a chair wedgie and post a pic then dare me

27 months ago
wedgieme's Avatar

Give yourself a jock-lock wedgie in a public bathroom and make sure a lot of people walk in.
now give me a wedgie dare as long as its self wedgie and doesn't include ripping or messy and has to be alone

51 months ago
Roxiroxrules's Avatar

Hi I'm 10

53 months ago
Treble1234567890's Avatar

Do a hanging melon infront o your school on a flag post

Now give me one I have thoughs and strecht pantys. I will do any but public atomic rips and messy but will do ice and I am 11

53 months ago
girlwedgies4ever's Avatar

go to a public used tennis court, give yourself a hanging wedgie there and every person that sees you, the more points you get\

i am a 15 year old girl, i have thongs, g-strings and stretchy panties

now give me a dare
love: hanging, messy, humiliation, cross dressing, being a wedgie slave
don't mind: squeaky clean, public, pee
dislikes: anal, poo, long periods of time
limits: permanent, family, illegal

54 months ago
taven's Avatar

Give me a dare. But only pee or poop

57 months ago
amryan20's Avatar

Ok give ur self a hanging wedgie and only let ur self down when u pee or poop in ur boxers

57 months ago
amryan20's Avatar

Now give me 1

57 months ago
chrcozza's Avatar

give me one no mess or haning

58 months ago
amryan20's Avatar

Did it thanks

58 months ago
ad699's Avatar

Put a couple of eggs in your underwear and then wedgie yourself or get someone to wedgie you untill they break! :p

59 months ago

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