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give me dares!

hey! give me some dares that require me taking pictures of my body and doing things to my body. pain is cool and nudity is cool too!

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58 months ago
by chrsthr94

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GodOfMaddness's Avatar

Go 24 hours with duct tape wrapped around your mouth. If your worried about eating or drinking, fill yourself the day before. Message me if you accept it, and send pics and vids as proof.

52 months ago
jason123's Avatar

hang your undies on a pull up pole

56 months ago
Corey4545's Avatar

Pee your pants

58 months ago

look thru my open dares or i can give u one specifically

58 months ago
Minget's Avatar

There a re quite a few i can give you and they are already on the site. There are a bunch where you have to get wet fully clothed. You can do these dare in private or public and IF your really in to the nude thing you can wear white clothing. There are Showering in clothes peeing your pants. And these are mild compared to the bulldog clip dares.

59 months ago

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