amryan20 dares Everyone to

Give me a self wedgie dares

More about Give me a self wedgie dares

Give me a self wedgie dares

Please include handcuffs and this has to be a self wedgie

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ilovewedgies1's Avatar

are you a girl?

55 months ago
davidw69's Avatar

hanging thong wedgie

55 months ago
Cooldog74's Avatar

get a friend or relative to hang you by your underware from a door or coathanger with handcuffs on and you cant cum down till they rip :)

56 months ago
wedgie_adn_dare_me1's Avatar

Give yourself a ripper wedgie

59 months ago
amryan20's Avatar

Ok thanks

59 months ago
jsterlo's Avatar

have you tried the Wedgie Dares App?

59 months ago
amryan20's Avatar

No it's 1$ and I don't want to pay for it but thanks. Do u have anything eles

59 months ago

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