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give their younger siblings a wedgie

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give their younger siblings a wedgie

if you have a younger sibling that you could easily beat in a fight then give them a creative yet painful wedgie. also i need someone to make a dare called "you promised" because if i get 100 hours of footage i'll post a video of me giving myself a frontal hanging wedgie for 20min there, and if someone posts a video that lasts at least a day i'll post a video of me hitting myself in the balls with a hammer 5 times

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older sisters thong**

56 months ago
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ok i put toothpaste, ice, chunky peanut butter, jelly, hot sauce, and cream cheese in the back of my little bros tighty whities and gave him a hanging wedgie from a popular park in my town and sat on a bench neerby and watched as everyone stared at him... his undies ripped so I put him in my older sisters thing and hung him from a tree and first pulled his feet all the way down untill they touched the ground and let go... he went BOUNCING!!!!!!!! when he was back dangling I made him drink LOADS of water for 2 hours strait... he peed... ALOT

56 months ago
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ok i did it was a hanging wedgie on a tree when he fell i put new underwere on him backwards then up again till i got tired

57 months ago

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