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russellha dares Everyone to

give them self a shoulder wedgie, and swirley

More about give them self a shoulder wedgie, and swirley

give them self a shoulder wedgie, and swirley

giv ya self a shoulder wedgie, then give yourself a giant swirley...

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wedgie_adn_dare_me1's Avatar

I did the swirley while i had the wedgie

25 months ago

I might do it, do you have to get the shoulder wedgie while you're getting swirlied? Can it be panties or has to be guys underwear?

25 months ago
mdgrthd's Avatar

right after i do it i will post,may have a freind give wedgie and tie me down for the swirlie XD

26 months ago

haha, well if u get a cam, or a pic or vid dnt 4get 2 post

26 months ago
mdgrthd's Avatar

haha maybe this weekend,this weekend is my idiot weekend,so maybe,but no camera :(

26 months ago

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