Andrew802 dares Everyone to

give a whipped cream wedgie.

More about give a whipped cream wedgie.

give a whipped cream wedgie.

Put whipped cream down your underwear or someone else's underwear and give a wedgie.

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flamer15623's Avatar

Done that to my girl friend yesterday (it was payback because she had put me in a jock lock wedgie while I was sleeping and locke me outside in one of her thongs only)

52 months ago
amryan20's Avatar

Did this but with shaving cream

58 months ago
pkiuyter's Avatar


60 months ago
mdgrthd's Avatar

got no camera,got the whipped cream and undies,what type of wedgie,how long does it have to last?

60 months ago
Andrew802's Avatar

Can be any wedgie and do it for 5 minutes.

60 months ago

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