shothesherif dares Everyone to

give yourself a wedgie

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give yourself a wedgie
I was too lazy to describe this.

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81 months ago
by JohnnyRanks
57 months ago
by Andrew802
71 months ago
by fun
80 months ago
by dragonangyle
70 months ago
by eaglescout3
55 months ago
by likewedgies
79 months ago
by iDare98
55 months ago
by dirtbiker666
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pinapple's Avatar

havent got a camra but done a hanging jock lock OWW

53 months ago
Riley5oh_'s Avatar

I'll do it,totally!!!!!!!!!!!!

74 months ago
if it doesn't rip your not giving it your all. Your underwear, not your butt...
84 months ago
Riley5oh_'s Avatar

I think wedgies are fun, and I just started 6th grade and I haven't heard about or seen anybody get one. . . . . . . . . . WHICH SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It would be so funny to watch!!!

74 months ago

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