calicab dares Everyone to

happy staple the GF!

Fallnangel7 couldn't handle this dare, but we think you can.

More about happy staple the GF!

happy staple the GF!

Show her some love man! See if you can happy staple her let's say.......7 times in a day.
Or more....but at least 7.
And go!

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i tried this when the happy staple originally started...and i got kicked out of the house...sorry man...

82 months ago

Well.....shit man.
Just slap her around a bit and show her who's boss! ;) I kid.
(she'd prolly beat your ass)

Okay people...since Falln won't do it, have at it.
Obviously it doesn't have to be a GF or BF - it can be a relative, coworker, etc.

82 months ago

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