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Have Naked or Embarassing Photos Developed

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Have Naked or Embarassing Photos Developed

Basically get a disposable camera or whatever and take either nude or dirty/really disturbing photos of yourself and take it to be developed at a CVS, walgreens etc. Make sure to show us the pics that the people saw (you can blur it out if you'd like), try to get the guy's reaction to seeing you nude

BTW the photos have to be of the person having the photos developed

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79 months ago
by BFlazz
73 months ago
by GuiGuix3
73 months ago
by smeghoul
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I've done this before. Told the girls at the counter ahead of time, acting as though I was concerned about getting into trouble. They said no problem. When I returned, they were all smiling at me.

To top it off, I stopped at a place to get my hair cut, and I took one set of the double prints and kept it for myself, but left the envelope on the table there with the magazines. As I was getting my hair cut, some girls found the pics and brought them to the woman at the counter who worked there. Then, they were looking through them and they said "come here" to the girl cutting my hair. I could hear them talking and saying "OMG" then she came back with a couple of my pics and put them in her drawer. I asked her what's going on and she said "nothing." I loved it.

68 months ago

Once again a dare not everyone can do. Here in the state of Pennsylvania Picture places will refuse to develop your pictures if they are nude. My bro had to sign a form when he tried to get pics printed. So you would have to go the embarrassing pics way. Sure the film will be developed but they will not print them. So in that case you may have to do something like cross dressing. OR your head stuck in a civil war cannon...

80 months ago

huh really I never knew that, guess just do the best you guys can

80 months ago

I thought this was a typical perverted dare xD But it turns out to be quite cool :P

80 months ago

yeah I don't care about seeing people naked so much as I want the reaction of the person developing or printing the photos when they see either naked or weird embarrassing photos. If I wanted to see naked photos I got google plus tons of sites I can goto for porn

80 months ago

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