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A light beer

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A light beer

inspired by some spanish dude i saw in spain, he bought a Lamp next door then came in and had a beer with the lamp

i thought it be funny to say "so is he having a light beer?"

so heres one for ya'll get a lamp and take it to the pub put it on the bar and order a beer and when someone asks, cos you know they fuckin will lol, say ur having a light beer

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I can do this. Once I figure out how to cut a bulb properly, I'll one up it.

77 months ago

the picture in the description was my lazy lack of effort finding one better, taking a whole lamp and putting it on the bar while you order drink and drink it will be good enough for me, just hope someone actually does ask what ur doing so you can make the responce i wanna see their reaction lol

76 months ago


77 months ago
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