Robbie_Barlow dares Everyone to

make a pakour montage video

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make a pakour montage video

For this dare just get parkour clips and stick in some pics and video clips and music remixes! But read on -

This dare in a way can be basically related to the "make a parkour video" or the "make a david belle tribute video". Many of you will say "well why do this if youve already done another dare basically the same?". Well for those of you who ask this question heres my answer:

if you wanna do all 3 Do all 3! If you wanna do one of the other ones do one of the other ones and stop reading this! If you wanna do this then do this! Simple!! or if you wanna be extreme and creative make the 3 seperate videos and then make a 4th by throwing the 3 in a blender with the your own parkour extreme monatge video.

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72 months ago
by ThENuTTeRsArMy
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