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Marshmallow Burn Endurance

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Marshmallow Burn Endurance

Right well u know when you heat up marshmallows they sizzle yeh, well u wanna get it like that even hotter than place the marshmallow there on u, and it shud like the melted part shud stick, the person who does this the most times wins, but the crazier/funnier/.more inventive ways and places the better :) Good luck guys XD

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79 months ago
by Fallnangel7
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Sorry dude didn't know

79 months ago

yea I know dude, wasnt getting at you. I was merely making the point I had already set something similar, which has less hype because the mass dissers set up multiple accounts to diss my stuff [and were allowed to do so] , and mine has no entries, hence I'm kinda wasting my time around here.......

79 months ago


79 months ago

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