frenchdoc dares Everyone to

nipple destruction

More about nipple destruction

nipple destruction

Let's see how long you will last for the bulldog clips dare =)

Two rules :
- they have to go really on the tip of the nips (coz that's the worst place haha)
- pick the smallest size of bulldog clips if you have (coz they are the tightest xD LOL )

Who will last the longest ? xD

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79 months ago
by StoopidAss_Nation
82 months ago
by frenchdoc

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oleks12345's Avatar

5 mins (:

28 months ago

MakeADare Says: You are not old enough to accept this dare
Come back in 4 years.

If i could upload i would

77 months ago

lol I didn't know there's an age limitation on my dare ! XD

77 months ago

I'm not old enough...

77 months ago

Not old enough ? My mates are the same age than you in my vid =)

77 months ago

We have a video, but we used Clothespins and rubber bands instead

79 months ago

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