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parody commercial.

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parody commercial.

Right, so I don't really know who Lebron James is or what he did....but his 'What Should I Do' commercials crack me the fuck up.

So make one. Be creative, have fun with it, be awesome.

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They lost to Boston because the Celtics were better :)

76 months ago

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? You don't know who LeBron James is?!? He's by far the biggest piece of shit, douchebag in the world. He use to play on his hometown team, the Cleveland Cavaliers and we all pretty much worshiped him cause he was the best player in the NBA. But then in the playoff last year, he pretty much stopped trying and caused the Cavs to lose to Boston. Then a few months later he gos on national television and has a 1 hour special called "the decision" where he pretty much just to spit in Clevelands face and announced that he's going to the Miami Heat cause he's a little bitch. So to make a long story short, pretty much everyone hates LeBron James, including the players, except for Miami Heat fans. That's what his gay ass commercial is about.... :|

btw, nice dare :D

76 months ago

Well....now i know. :P
I don't watch sports so...yeah, that's my excuse.

I didn't care enough to investigate, but now I got it.

76 months ago
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