GuiltyAsCharged dares Everyone to

pierce your nipple(s).

More about pierce your nipple(s).

pierce your nipple(s).
If you have the balls (literally) go for it.

(I'm not sure if we are allowed to show a female teet yet so... sorry ladies)

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73 months ago
by NeverListenToAdults
72 months ago
by sweidiots
84 months ago
by AbsOfSteel
68 months ago
by jakespeed
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This isn't Bragster. But let's ask Troy... Female teet allowed?
88 months ago
i'm sorry but a nipple should be a nipple be it a male or a female nipple.......mine r all over bragster!
89 months ago
Break out a clean Needle and a potatoe do it yourself at home! =)
90 months ago

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