BaboonSkwad dares Everyone to

remake a jackass stunt or skit

More about remake a jackass stunt or skit

remake a jackass stunt or skit

Remake any skit or stunt from any of the jackass shows or movies. And when you do it, introduce it like on the show. Hi I'm ___________ and this is________

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It would be awesome if someone did the Poo Cocktail. xD

77 months ago

this would be so eazy lol

80 months ago

but you dont like jackass

80 months ago

thats why im saying it would be so eazy its all set up and fake it woundnt be a real stunt

80 months ago

Shit.....what a coinkie-dink....that was gonna be our Dragonangyle Episode 3......a tribute to Jackass. (Puts idea back on drawing board) :)

82 months ago

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