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Ruber Band and Pencil Challange

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Ruber Band and Pencil Challange

My friend made up this dare recently. If you don't like pain, then this isn't for you.

Step 1) Optain a rubber band and a wodden pencil
Step 2) Make a wedge in the eraser to hold the rubber band in place.
Step 3) Extend the rubberband with one hand, and hold down the other side with your thumb.
(The pencil should be flat on the table. The pencil should have the point facing your thumb.)
Step 4) Draw back the pencil. The farter you go, the more it will hurt. The sharper the point, the more it will hurt.
Step 5) Release.

This will make your finger bleed for awhile, so be awear of the dangers.

In some cases, the pencil can be wedged up your thumb nail. In this case, have an adult or doctor safly remove the pencil, or you could end up with a splinter in you thumb nail, and have you nail removed.

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