Ardeyal dares Everyone to

a shot of pepper spray!

More about a shot of pepper spray!

a shot of pepper spray!

As you all know, pepper spray is very uncomfortable when sprayed in the eyes, but what if one puts it on his/her tongue? Let's try it! Try to get ahold of some realy good pepper spray, and spray some in a shot glass, than drink it:3

to let you know how hot it is, a jalapeno pepper is approx 7000 scoville, a habanero pepper about 500.000 the Naga Jolokia (Ghost pepper) is about 1 million, and pepper spray comes to around between 2 and 5 million scoville, so that should be fun right:D go for it:3

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Yar, MysticFire :)

80 months ago
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