RenkVictim dares Everyone to

show off their piercings.

More about show off their piercings.

show off their piercings.
The bigger or more unique, the better

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90 months ago
by Ashh
97 months ago
by eatenplacenta
88 months ago
by Silvermoonhc
98 months ago
by tatichampBG
98 months ago
by HolyJesusBoner
97 months ago
by PolitikiL
98 months ago
by cariZOMBIE
98 months ago
by HetLot
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psycho's Avatar
I have 25 or 26-ish piercings, I can't fit those all in one pic. haha
107 months ago
RenkVictim's Avatar
That sucks!
107 months ago
Troy's Avatar
I had my lip pierced but i had to take it out back when i was in highschool.. Lasted me about 1 week
107 months ago

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