GuiltyAsCharged dares Everyone to

show us your scars.

More about show us your scars.

show us your scars.
Tell us how you got it and all the other fun details.

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82 months ago
by MSMstuntsCo
57 months ago
by DamonShiit
81 months ago
by Wizard
88 months ago
by krissyramen
82 months ago
by Megan
86 months ago
by SteffuSweet
83 months ago
by catraiin
71 months ago
by BYBH_stunt_krew

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Crap........the file size alowed is 100Mb.....Hmmmmm, I could compress my storys a hundred fold down, and.....oh wait, still would be over 100. CRAP lol

83 months ago
90 months ago
I completed this thing alreads. Tried uploading, but I'm stuck at 1-2kb/s :( Damn you Internet.
90 months ago

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