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Show Some Love to LINUX Users

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Show Some Love to LINUX Users

I've noticed that None of the Linux Video Formats are able to be put up on this site? Why? NOT EVERYBODY LOVES WINDOWS? Why do I have to go to Start to Shutdown? After I click Shutdown It's Still not finished, It asks me what it wants to do I just told it to shut down </Andy Rooney> I prefer my good old Friend "sudo shutdown -P now"

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OR do what i do and use wine to format ur vids b4 u upload lol

66 months ago

I have Windows 7 but I rarely Use it

66 months ago

1. Windows and Mac os is in the majority.
2. There are other ways to upload. Partition your HDD and install windows and use it for uploading. OR it MAY be possible to upload from your Iphone or droid. I have seen people do it for youtube. So it's worth a try.

OR you can do what I do. I have 2 pc's. A older pc I kept after I upgraded to a new pc and that one is mainly used for uploading vids and monitoring a ventrilo server. It's only got windows XP sp3 on it while my new one has Win 7. You can find a decent older pc at a flea market for cheep.

This may sound like a allot but it's faster then waiting till the update of a video player that is installed on the site. adding options such as vid formats include allot of coding and that takes time. And if the software company chooses not to add nor has experience with LINUX programs they will either not add the options or it will take a long time till a option comes out.

The owner of the site may not have any control on that Video formats the player can read and play. It's the Company that makes the player. And it could take a long time. It took almost 12 years for Microsoft to get movie maker to read / play / edit MOV formats.

66 months ago

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