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show us your bathroom

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show us your bathroom

stand in your shower or sit in the bath and take a picture of you and your (hopefully) lovely bathroom!

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68 months ago
by roisinlinton
68 months ago
by potheadtodare
67 months ago
by beelzibab

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It's amazing that when some one cannot think of something they just COPY someone else. I did a search and did not find this here so i started 1 then sometime during the day TODAY "6/18/11" this one and 1 other showed up. So I'll say what I told the other guy.

You first!!!
In fact ill 1 up it.. And I might end up eating my hat over this but it's worth it.

If you do the dare starting with the original. http://www.makeadare.com/dare/in-bathtub-wet-dry AND then your own dare. I will Hype up the dare and accept it.

Do we have a deal?

add 20 hrs to post time i had to edit.

68 months ago
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