AbsOfSteel dares Everyone to

Sow off how tough you are!

More about Sow off how tough you are!

Sow off how tough you are!

Just let's see how tough you are. It can be everything like stapling, taking darts, getting punched... - take it like a man. Be creative - and extreme!

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76 months ago
by AbsOfSteel
76 months ago
by frenchdoc
71 months ago
by BYBH_stunt_krew
76 months ago
by hinguette
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it is good to be tough and kind of easy to handel stuff for a few min in the front of the camera,the hard part is in real life ,it is much harder to stay tough when we face problems,firtgh with burocrasy or close minded people ,this is the plase were we can really show off our capacity

80 months ago

Damn, it should have been "Show off how tough you are"... I really need a feature to delete or edit wrong entries ;-)

81 months ago

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