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Take the Typing Test (Test Keyboard Speed!)

More about Take the Typing Test (Test Keyboard Speed!)

Take the Typing Test (Test Keyboard Speed!)

*Warning* You can just take a screenshot or shoot video both accepted we just want to see your score
Step 1. Browse on the website http://www.typingtest.com/
Step 2. Choose one minute and Test Instructions
Step 3. Click "Start Typing Test"
Step 4. Start typing, when you finish post your result with screenshot or video

Good Luck

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70 months ago
by Hannahisme123
75 months ago
by spazticmethod
75 months ago
by Troy
56 months ago
by chrsthr94
77 months ago
by TastyTeo
55 months ago
by Gabestep
74 months ago
by Lauraf
69 months ago
by xCry0x
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